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hi, my name is Hannah Stonehouse Hudson, and I help people manage social media chaos



I am a public speaker, TEDx presenter, and outdoor enthusiast. After losing my husband unexpectedly in 2013, I began to focus primarily on inspiring others to follow their passions and to live life to the fullest. When Iā€™m not out on the water or in the field, I can be found speaking about the power of social media, why it's important to live life to the fullest, and teaching organizations and businesses how to handle social media when something tragic occurs. 

My TEDx talk on social media and empathy can be seen here: http://stonehousephotoblog.com/2015/11/empathy-and-the-power-of-virtual-communities/

Whether it's learning how to find your remarkable story, manage your social media reputation, create a crisis communication plan, hiring me to speak to your group, or finding some inspiration for difficult times, I have what you need