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One of the nation’s emerging experts on managing and harnessing the viral nature of social media and the Internet
— Michael Harrison - Talkers Magazine

10 Easy Ways to Reach More People

Does Facebook ‘s algorithm make you nuts? Feel like there is some sort of secret code to reaching more people?

This e book is packed with social media strategy and quickly actionable tips on how to work with algorithms to reach the most people. There are some simple ways to increase your Facebook reach that don't take a whole lot of time, but you have to know that these strategies exist. I live and breathe reach analytics for a living, and I love helping people troubleshoot why they are not reaching more peoples' news feeds.

Schoep and John

How this all started with a favor to a friend - and a photo that went crazy

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I help people and businesses manage and harness the viral nature of social media and the Internet. Whether you want something to reach more people, or you've unexpectedly gone viral and you need to know what to do, I can help you.

My in depth knowledge comes from being in the trenches of social media, personally and professionally. My Tedx Talk on Empathy and the Power of Virtual Communities had one goal: to empower people to live their life fully when their world blows up. Mine did in 2013! In less than 4 months I had a photo go viral, my business grew exponentially, my husband died tragically, and that went viral as well. As a result, I have developed my social media management business to lead seminars on social media strategy, social media crisis communication, and how to deal when tragedy strikes.

Whether it is seminars for companies & professional organizations or consulting services for people and businesses, I can guide you.  Contact me here to discuss your needs - I'd love to help.